How to clean Coral and rocks?

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Posted 2/18/2007 12:39:09 PM
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Okey, now I have managed to get all my glass cleaned per last posts....10 gallons of Vinegar Thank you all for the good advice...It worked!! I now need to clean several pieces of Coral and what used to be live rock but no longer is...they have some green/brown algae on them..use vinegar or bleach?...was worried that it might soak in and contaminate the tank when I refill it...but if my memory serves me right..the bleach wont hurt anything as it will dilute out....So whats the right way?...Looking fowards to the answers...
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Posted 2/18/2007 1:37:04 PM

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Well, vinegar is just an acidic product which is why it worked on your hard water/salt build up, since they are both so alkaline.  It won't work like that on algae.

Bleach would be risky to use on pourous things but if you are willing to rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, then rinse some more and then soak the items in clean water in the sun or boiled first, then it "might" be safe... but I wouldn't risk it.  Even bleach residue (sodium hypochlorite) has a high level of chlorine in it so it could severely affect your N-bacteria colony if it continues to leach out long after you thought it would.

If you want to use something to "sterilize" them and kill any possible bad pathogens in the pours and probably help with loosening up the algae/stains, then I would recommend hydrogen peroxide and a tooth brush.  It still has a bleaching effect but HP is H2O2 so it is very similar to water (H2O) and basically when the bubbling effect is done, it just released that extra O molecule so, in principal, it becomes water but it's not safe as is... much like distilled or RO water isn't safe for your fish.  The good thing is that any residue left over after rinsing it will dillute with your water and not harm your fish.  In fact, HP can actually be used as an algaecide for certain types of algae and when used in small doses, does not harm the fish or plants.

Your other option is to just put the pieces in a plastic tub of water out in the sun and let them bleach out naturally using tap wate with chlorine/chloramine and doing daily or every other day water changes and some scrubbing with the toothbrush.

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Posted 2/18/2007 1:48:44 PM
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I would not risk bleach at all with saltwater stuff...too dangerous. Base rock and coral especially is full of tiny crevices that you'd never get it out of. Just use a new, clean toothbrush to scrub the algae off.

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Posted 5/11/2008 5:22:32 AM
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i just wash mine off with a hose and sit them out in the bright sun in a few days thay will bleach white and clean on there own

   works for me

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